When the thesis was done!

Ok, so it’s time almost a year later and way past time to get into and explore many more things, some less academic and some found in the bridge between theory and practice. For me research is only important if it advances the practice. For that reason I have kicked off a new blog-centred experience to share some of the knowledge gleaned in my doctoral research. Community Capers will focus on showcasing successful Internet-mediated communities of practice but will do it in ways that no academic tome could hope for. We will hang out is Second Life with community members, meet them live in Learning Times, hear from members and managers as guest bloggers and hopefully build our own small community around a Facebook group, and over each month together produce a publication as a case study of community.

The first community will open its doors to us for the month of June and then each month we will hold our capers about in new community. Not sure how it will all work out but it is an idea I have held for a long time and I finally have the time and brain space to bring it to life. Wish me luck and come on over and offer support!