Where does education learn?

In the FOC08 course our week 6 task is to examine some forums and look for evidence of community and consider options to further develop community in the groups formed around these forums. OK – so lots of community activity might be happening but not evident in a group’s online forum but the idea of the task is to surface important issues of community. The comparative process used in this week will be reused with different modes of communication over the next 4 weeks (blogs, virtual worlds etc).

So many of us in education are used to closed forums, where members participate because it is part of an assessment process. In the online Elluminate meeting we discussed where we should find these online forums. And this point worries me. We do not have a monopoly on online learning and certainly not community development just because we work in the educational domain. As an educator I have found that we have to tear off the blinkers we wear and look beyond educational contexts to see some of the exemplary knowledge sharing practices visible and published in not-for-profit, corporate, civic, support group and fan communities.

OK so I am going to put my money where my mouth is and focus the week 6 task (now in week 7 – a week behind) in those other domains. What about others – can you look beyond our own domain to consider how community might be lived elsewhere?